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La série de microscopes opto-électroniques allie simplicité d'utilisation et fiabilité absolue. Les microscopes DSX sont l'aboutissement de la technologie numérique et optique d'Olympus.


The DSX110 is a free angle wide zoom microscope with 16x zoom optics for a new generation of inspection and measurements. Employing four segment-LED ring light, this scope ensures high inspection performance.

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The DSX510 is a high-resolution upright motorized microscope with 13x zoom optics. The DSX510 ensures the superior results for any experience level with it's superb operating simplicity and absolute performance reliability.

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The DSX510i is a high-resolution inverted motorized scope with 13x zoom optics. This scope offers a new level of inverted metallographic microscopy with its operating simplicity and absolute reliability.

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