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Automated Multi-Element XRF Analysis

High-Speed Analytical Sampling System

High-Throughput Lab Solution for Automated Powder or Solid Sample Testing

In many industries, manual quality control of products using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology is already a standard process. Exploration, mining, processing, and metallurgy companies use routine XRF analysis on site or send samples to commercial laboratories for analysis. In both cases, the key factors are time and cost savings.

How can you test more than 10,000 samples per week, be confident in the quality and consistency of the analysis, and increase the cost efficiency of the process?

To answer this industry call, we developed an automated X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer for high sample turnaround based on our Vanta™ iX technology. Equipped with robotic arms and precise sample handling mechanisms, the system can process up to 1,000 samples continuously, around the clock.

Straightforward Sampling and Testing Process

Reliable sample analysis with Vanta technology

Step 1:
The operator loads the sample cups or pallets onto the sample tray. The default solution contains 10 pallets to hold 100 samples in each pallet.

System integration with collaborative robots

Step 2:
After sample trays are loaded, the operator starts the autonomous sample handling and data acquisition. Depending on testing time conditions, the system can run by itself for 16–40 hours.

Intuitive software with an easy-to-use interface

Step 3:
The operator can, at any time, control or change settings with an easy-to-use control interface. All data is tracked and is LIMS ready.

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Proven Analytical Performance with Vanta Technology

  • Various applications: Analyze ores, soils, drill cuttings, alloys, black mass, or cement. Vanta iX analyzers provide outstanding multi-element analytical performance.
  • Customizable analytical settings: Vanta iX analyzers provide the flexibility to optimize performance for specific applications.
  • Leading-edge performance: Get accurate, repeatable results thanks to our proprietary Axon Technology™ and a high-resolution silicon drift detector (SDD) with a graphene detector window.

The automated sampling system uses multiple Vanta iX in-line XRF analyzers, delivering instant results for real-time monitoring and reporting. Built to operate 24/7, the system can be configured for different analytical tasks.

System Integration with Collaborative Robots

  • Minimize human error: Precision cobots follow predefined paths and execute sampling procedures with a high degree of accuracy and consistency, minimizing the human error associated with manual sampling. Operators simply load the samples onto the tray and click the start button. The rest is done by the system.
  • Return on investment: Automated sampling with cobots increases the throughput of the laboratory and saves over 40 hours per week for lab technicians to perform more complex work. Increased sample throughput and optimized use of labor can provide enormous cost savings.
  • Enhanced safety: By automating sampling processes with cobots, mining operations and laboratories can reduce the exposure of workers to hazardous environments and potentially dangerous materials.

System Integration with Collaborative Robots

Intuitive Software with Minimal Training Needed

Intuitive Software with Minimal Training Needed

Our robust software tabulates sample measurements in real time and stores comprehensive records of the sampling process, including timestamps and associated metadata. This enables easy retrieval and traceability of information for analysis and reporting.

  • Quick report generation: Sample data points are stored for reports in real time.
  • Intuitive interface: Start the sampling process in a few clicks with minimal training needed.
  • Store and retrieve data easily: Data can be stored in various formats via USB or cloud storage, providing the convenience of local and remote data access.

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