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Bond Testing C-Scan

The Bond Testing C-Scan inspection solution is based on the OmniScan MX with ECT or ECA modules. This innovative solution increases the probability of detection of the pitch-catch bond testing method, as it produces live amplitude or phase C-scan images with up to 8 frequencies.

BondMaster 1000e+

The BondMaster is a versatile, full-multimode instrument offering pitch-catch, MIA (mechanical impedance analysis), and resonance modes. Allows users to select the best method for a particular application and to test bonds and inspect a wide variety of composite materials.

CFRP Flat Panels Inspection Solution

The CFRP Flat Panel Inspection Solution from Olympus provides a portable solution with advanced tools such as two axes encoded C-scans with amplitude and time-of-flight (TOF) information, gate synchronization, and data recording. The GLIDER scanner is easy to use and well-suited for raster scanning with both conventional UT and phased array probes.

CFRP Radii Inspection Solution

Olympus offers a solution with its phased array instrument such as the OmniScan® PA to meet the most demanding requirements. This solution uses appropriate holders and curved linear arrays composed of 16 to 64 elements that fire in sequence to cover the entire corner in a single pass. The geometry of the probe allows for all of the ultrasonic beams to coincide at 90° with the surface of the part in a manner similar to flat-surface inspections. The main advantage of using the OmniScan PA for this application is the possibility of inspecting the entire corner in one simple scan. With respect to the inspection speed, a typical setup can inspect along a corner up to 200 mm/s.

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