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Investigating Crime Using an Industrial Videoscope with Infrared (IR) Light Observation


Advanced technology provides law enforcement with new tools to help solve crimes and resolve emergency situations, such as search and rescue operations. Industrial videoscopes are one such tool. Police and other security personnel use videoscopes to visually assess places that may be dangerous or difficult to reach. When conducting a search, for example, investigators can use a videoscope to explore small spaces in a building, such as inside a wall or air duct.

Industrial videoscopes are nondestructive inspection devices offering high-quality imaging, powerful illumination capabilities, and a high level of maneuverability, which are important elements for providing clear, bright images of objects without damaging or destroying them.

Industrial videoscopes can be useful in criminal investigations because they can help resolve issues or limitations that police may face, such as seeing inside difficult-to-access locations. The following illustrates how videoscopes are used by law enforcement.

How Industrial Videoscopes Contribute to Solving Crimes

Small-Diameter Insertion Tubes Fit in Tight Spaces

In a situation where there are hostages, remote visual inspection tools, such as Olympus’ IPLEX G Lite videoscope, can be used by police to view the situation on the inside from a safe distance. The videoscope’s insertion tube, which can be as small as 4.0 mm OD, can fit through spaces with very limited clearance, such as a gap under a door or through a keyhole, without being noticed. 

Viewing inside a room through a gap under a door

Infrared Motion-Activated Illumination Brightens Dark Places

In some situations, law enforcement may have to perform a visual search in a dark or poorly lit space without calling attention to their actions. In this instance, the white light normally used at the end of the insertion tube is too conspicuous. In such cases, a night-vision camera with a motion-activated infrared (IR) light can make it easier to see in the dark, enabling police to search dark spaces.

Infrared Motion-Activated Illumination Brightens Dark Places
Infrared Motion-Activated Illumination Brightens Dark Places
Without illumination
With IR illumination

Videoscope Requirements for Law Enforcement

Infrared light is just one videoscope feature that can be useful in police work. Other advantageous videoscope features for law enforcement include the following: 

High portability

Crime scene investigation and police interventions require a lightweight and compact videoscope that provides mobility and flexibility. When infrared illumination is required, a videoscope with an IR light device incorporated into the end of the insertion tube is better in terms of maneuverability.

Excellent visibility

To reliably capture images when white-light illumination cannot be used or in dimly lit conditions, the videoscope needs adjustable brightness to compensate for the limited light intensity.

Image sharing

Sharing live images obtained with a videoscope with other investigation personnel enables everyone to have a clear view of the situation and make informed decisions in real time. Videoscopes that can simultaneously share live images through wireless LAN are advantageous.

Solution Using the IPLEX G Lite Videoscope with IR Lighting Option

Olympus’ IPLEX G Lite industrial videoscope has features beneficial to the public and private security industries. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry and robust enough to withstand harsh environments. It also offers high-quality imaging and high-level functions, including infrared lighting.

High Mobility

Weighing as little as 1.15 kg (2.5 lbs)*, the IPLEX G Lite videoscope is lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. During investigations when limited equipment is allowed, the IPLEX G Lite videoscope offers police and security personnel the level of mobility they require. In addition, the videoscope’s light source can be easily switched while in the field. Replacing the standard white LED light source unit with an optional IR light unit converts the videoscope into a “night vision” surveillance device without any additional equipment.

High Visibility

The IPLEX G Lite videoscope features Olympus’ advanced image processing software, which enables it to automatically adapt to varying brightness levels and remove image noise. The videoscope benefits from imaging technology that Olympus has refined over decades of development for digital cameras and other products. The G Lite videoscope offers users a clear view of the situation inside large spaces, even when they are poorly lit.

Easy Image Sharing

Live images acquired with the IPLEX G Lite videoscope are displayed on the instrument’s monitor; however, live video can also be streamed using the recommended USB wireless LAN adaptor. Other members of an investigation team can remotely view live images, enabling them to make informed decisions in real time. This function is supported by iOS devices.

Image sharing to a remote device


Olympus’ IPLEX G Lite industrial videoscope features high mobility and visibility and easy image sharing, essential elements for effective use in remote surveillance and law enforcement applications. The IPLEX G Lite videoscope ensures a balance between high functionality and mobility and provides the flexibility required for work that is most often in the field and on the go, contributing not only to crime investigation, but also to general videoscope applications in the security industries.

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The IPLEX G Lite industrial videoscope packs powerful imaging capabilities into a small, rugged body. Lightweight and able to go almost anywhere, users working in challenging applications have a remote visual inspection tool with the image quality and ease of use to get the job done.

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