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9 février, 2015
[Important] To Users of the SZ-FLR ESD Fluorescent Ring Illuminator for Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Dear Valued OLYMPUS Customer:

We, OLYMPUS CORPORATION, have recently discovered that the SZ-FLR ESD fluorescent ring illuminator for stereo zoom microscopes may pose a very small risk of causing an electric shock if not grounded properly.

The affected products are listed below. To date there have been no report of electric shocks or product failures. Nonetheless, to ensure continuing safety and reliability, we will inspect the affected products and carry out repairs free of charge. Until the inspection process can be completed, if you have any of the affected products please recheck that they are properly grounded.

If you have any of the affected products, please contact the following.

People's Republic of China

OLYMPUS (China) Co.,LTD.Shanghai Branch
10F,K.W Center,1010 Huaihai Rd (M),Xuhui District,
Scientific Solutions Business Division
Quality & Regulatory Affairs Dept. 
Tel: (86)21-5170-6024
E-mail: Changyi_Li@olympus.com.cn


Customer support center

Other Asia,Oceania

Please contact your nearest sales representative for Olympus microscopes.

The following information should be included: (1) Your Name; (2) Your Country; (3) Product name; (4) Quantity; and (5) Serial numbers (for each product). Or please fill the attached "Application for free inspection of SZ-FLR ESD" sheet and send it.

Maintaining the highest quality standards is our highest priority. We assure you that the OLYMPUS group of companies takes this situation very seriously and is taking all possible quality control measures to prevent any recurrence. Thank you for your continuing support of OLYMPUS products.


<Affected Products>

Fluorescent ring illuminator for stereo zoom microscopes (Electro-Static Discharge)

(All products manufactured between November 1998 and February 2006)
(All products between manufactured between April 2003 and February 2006)

The following products are not affected.

  1. SZ-FLR115ESD products on which the rated frequency is shown as 60Hz are not affected (see pictures below).
  2. Products with a black dot beneath the name plate have already been modified and repaired (see pictures below).
  3. Products with names that do not include the "ESD" suffix (SZ-FLR100, SZ-FLR115, SZ-FLR220 and SZ-FLR240) are not affected, since they are structured differently.
  4. SZ-FLR220ESD and SZ-FLR240ESD are not affected, since they are structured differently.

<Cause and Description of Fault>

Current leakage may occur between the power supply unit and the lamp housing. If the product is used without grounding, there is a risk of electrical shock. If the product is correctly grounded, the leakage breaker in the building may be triggered, but there is no risk of shock.

<Appearance of SZ-FLR ESD, Location of Nameplate, Information in Nameplate>
Appearance                                                                         Bottom View(Name plate)
Appearance/Bottom View(Name plate)

Nameplates of affected products
SZ-FLR115ESD                                                                      SZ-FLR100ESD
Nameplate of unaffected products

Nameplate of unaffected products
Nameplate of unaffected products

Names, addresses, telephone numbers and other personal information supplied by customers will be used only for communications concerning the handling, inspection, delivery, on site inspection and repair of affected products. The information will not be used for any other purpose.

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