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The Panametrics® 25HP PLUS is an advanced ultrasonic gage that makes thickness, material velocity, and time of flight measurements on materials such as composites, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, and cast metals that are difficult or impossible to measure using standard ultrasonic gages. Measuring sound velocity with this gage allows monitoring of changes in material properties such as the degree of nodularity in cast metals.
The 25HP PLUS features a large LCD that displays both the selected type of measurement in bold numerals and the live ultrasound waveform. This unique gage features a host of standard measurement features and a sophisticated alphanumeric file-based datalogger.


• A-scan Display for Waveform Verification
• Measurement Types:
- Thickness
- Velocity
- Time of Flight
• Pulser Configuration:
- Pulse Echo
- Pitch Catch
- Thru-Transmission
• Internal Alphanumeric File-Based Datalogger stores 18,000 thickness or 1,750 waveforms
• Application Auto-Recall with Stored Standard and Custom Setups
• Selectable Waveform Update Rate (4, 8, 12 or 20 Hz)
• Instant in/mm Conversion
For Fiberglass, Composites, Cast Metals, Rubber and Thick Plastics

Standard Inclusions

Panametrics Model 25HP PLUS Digital Ultrasonic Thickness/Velocity/Time of Flight Gage, AC or Battery Operation, 50-60 Hz, with Internal Alphanumeric Datalogger. Including: Universal Quick Charger/AC Adapter, Transducer Cable, Test Block, Couplant, RS-232 I/O Cable, Carrying Case, Instruction Manual and a Two Year Limited Warranty

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