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Wind Turbine Inspection Solutions

Save Time and Reduce Your Inspection Costs with Portable and Tailored Solutions

Wind Turbine Solutions

Blade Defect Types

  • Impacts
  • Wrinkles
  • Delamination
  • Lightning damage
  • Disbonds

Inspection Technology

Gearbox Defect Types

  • Cracks
  • Color change
  • Pitting

Inspection Technology

Tower Defect Types

  • Cracks
  • Lack of fusion
  • Porosities
  • Slags
  • Corrosion

Inspection Technology

Gearbox inspection with Remote Visual Inspection

  Gearboxes - Remote Visual Inspection

Inspect Gear Teeth and Bearings for Defects, Including Color Change and Pitting
  • Oil clearing scope adaptor saves time
  • Increase the probability of detection with clear, sharp images
  • Compact and lightweight, enabling use in difficult-to-access areas

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Using Phased Array to inspect wind turbine gearbox inspection

  Gearboxes - Phased Array Ultrasound

Locate Defects to Help Prevent Failures, Even When Access Is Limited
  • Phased array (PA) probes direct ultrasonic beams, facilitating the inspection of multiple areas
  • Reduced inspection time compared to radiography
  • Immediate, quantifiable results for on-site analysis

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Wind turbine tower inspection using PA

  Tower - Phased Array Ultrasound

Monitor the Health of Your Wind Tower
  • Quickly detect corrosion and cracks and archive your data
  • Reduced inspection time compared to radiography
  • Detect and fix process problems right away

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ECA inspection of welds on turbine towers

  Tower - Eddy Current Array

Quickly and Efficiently Inspect Welds on Towers
  • Detect cracks and weld defects without removing paint
  • Replaces penetrant and magnetic particle testing
  • Automatic lift-off compensation for accurate results

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PA inspection of blades

Wind Turbine Solutions   Blades - Phased Array Ultrasound

Inspect blade spar caps and shear web bonding
  • Efficiently inspect thick, attenuative materials, such as carbon fiber and glass fiber
  • Wider coverage compared to conventional ultrasonic testing
  • Configurable to scan in the longitudinal or transverse direction of the blade

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UT inspection of blades

Wind Turbine Solutions   Blades - Conventional Ultrasound

Evaluate Lightning Damage to Know when Repairs Are Required
  • Rugged, ergonomic instruments designed for challenging inspections
  • Intuitive interface practical for both experienced and novice inspectors
  • Full range of probes for detecting and sizing blade defects

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Testing for disbonds using Bond testing

  Blades - Bond Testing

Inspect Blades for Disbonds and Delamination
  • Quickly and accurately detect disbonds and delamination in composites
  • Automatic probe recognition with pre-programmed setup
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

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RVI inspection of turbine blades

  Blades - Remote Visual Inspection

Look Inside Blades for Damage and Quality Control
  • Scopes up to 30 m long for difficult-to-reach areas
  • Portable and compact for field and in-line inspections
  • Smooth, accurate approach to a target with precise articulation

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