Weld Inspection Scanners


The SteerROVER is a fully automated, steerable motorized scanner capable of performing weld inspection in remote locations. It can mount phased array as well as TOFD-P/E probes for inspection of circumferential or longitudinal welds.

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The WeldROVER is a simple, industrial-strength, one-axis encoded motorized scanner that provides fully automated data acquisition. It makes efficient phased array weld inspections on ferromagnetic piping or vessel using up to 6 probes. UT, TOFD, PA.

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HST-Lite Scanner

The new HST-Lite scanner is the perfect choice for cost-effective, one-channel TOFD inspections when signal quality is important. The combination of magnetic wheels and spring-loaded probe holders offer the stability required to perform high quality, one-line inspections. The scanner can be operated using only one hand, and will attach to ferromagnetic surfaces even when in an upside-down position.

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Mini-Wheel Encoder

The mini-Wheel Encoder is used for the positioning and dimensioning of defects in the scan axis. It can synchronize data acquisition with probe movement. It is also waterproof and compatible with Olympus standard PA wedges.

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COBRA Scanner

The COBRA manual scanner combined with OmniScan MX flaw detector and a 16:128 module is used to perform circumferential weld inspection on small-diameter pipes. The COBRA can hold two PA probes to inspect pipes with OD ranging from 0.84 to 4.5 in.

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HSMT-Compact Scanner

The HSMT-Compact is a manual one-axis encoded scanner. In particular, it is light and small, and also versatile. It can be used (with up to 4 probes) on plates and for circumferential scans on pipes as small as 4.5 in. OD pipes.

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HSMT-Flex Scanner

The HSMT-Flex is intended for manual one axis encoded inspection of circumference welds on pipes of 4.5 in. OD and greater. The scanner can be fitted with up to 8 probes using optional probe holders, thanks to its capacity to bend in the center.

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The Olympus HST-X04 time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) manual scanner offers an efficient, low-cost, and versatile weld inspection solution.

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VersaMOUSE Scanner

The VersaMOUSE™ is a scanner designed for linear encoded scans with a phased array probe. The integrated indexing button makes it ideal for 2-D mapping applications such as CFRP flat panel and corrosion inspections. The VersaMOUSE can perform an encoded one-line scan, followed by indexing of the position in the perpendicular direction. Another one-line scan can then be performed and juxtaposed to the previous scan. This process is repeated to produce a complete 2D map of the area of interest.

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