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Postponement of the Transfer of all Shares of EVIDENT Corporation from Olympus to Bain Capital
可搬型蛍光X線分析装置の開発でコンクリート塩分濃度測定を1ヶ月から30秒に大幅短縮 ー国土交通省新技術情報提供システム(NETIS)に登録ー
New Videoscope Designed for Wind Power Makes Turbine Gearbox Inspections Faster and More Efficient
EVIDENT Opens New Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Singapore
Olympus ogłasza zbycie swojej spółki zależnej Evident na rzecz Bain Capital ~Evident skorzysta pod względem tempa wzrostu i rozwoju innowacji~
EVIDENT’s New Montreal Office a Dedicated Space for Breakthrough NDT Software Solutions Development
Next-Generation OEM Objectives Enable Engineers to Develop the Scientific Instruments of Tomorrow
顕微鏡の視野内に作業指示を表示し、組立作業・検査業務をサポート 作業効率向上に貢献する、ARマイクロスコープ「SZX-AR1」を発売 接眼レンズを覗いたまま、管理者とのコミュニケーションやリモートでの指導も可能
SZX-AR1 Augmented Reality System Simplifies Microscope-Based Manufacturing
Compact OmniScan™ X3 64-Channel Flaw Detector Improves the Efficiency and Performance of Phased Array and Total Focusing Method Imaging
Olympus Provides Hands-On Nondestructive Testing Instruction to Engineering Students
New PRECiV™ Software Enables Microscope Users to Easily Capture Precise, Repetitive 2D Images and Measurements
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