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Urządzenia z głowicami sektorowymi (Phased Array)

Evident phased array instruments provide precise measurement with the most reliable results. Our range of phased array devices produce accurate, detailed cross-sectional pictures of internal structures at fast inspection speeds. Here you can find phased array equipment and instruments including flaw detectors, scalable acquisition units, and phased array inspection software to work alongside your phased array device. These powerful tools allow you to complete even the most demanding inspections with confidence, offering precise data acquisition, visualization and analysis of ultrasonic signals. Our phased array equipment and phased array software solutions are fully integrated, with fast calibration and streamlined user interfaces so you can complete your setup and inspection in minimal time.

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Phased Array Devices

OmniScan X3 Series

Every flaw detector in the OmniScan™ X3 series is a complete phased array toolbox. Innovative TFM and advanced PA capabilities help you identify flaws with confidence while powerful software tools and simple workflows improve your productivity.

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The scalable FOCUS PX acquisition unit and Focus PC software incorporates the latest phased array technology for easy integration with automated and semiautomated inspection systems. The solution significantly improves SNR and inspection speeds. Available are the optional software development kits, FocusControl and FocusData.

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OmniScan SX

The single group, lightweight OmniScan SX features an easy-to-read 8.4 inch (21.3 cm) touch screen and provides cost-effective solutions. The OmniScan SX comes in two models: the SX PA and SX UT. The SX PA is a 16:64PR unit, which, like the UT-only SX UT, is equipped with a conventional UT channel for P/E, P-C or TOFD inspections.

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OmniScan MX2

The OmniScan MX2 now features a new phased array module (PA2) with a UT channel, and a new two-channel conventional ultrasound module (UT2) that can be used for TOFD (Time-of-Flight Diffraction), as well as new software programs that expand the capabilities of the successful OmniScan MX2 platform.

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Phased Array Machine FAQs

What are phased arrays used for?

Phased array systems can be employed in almost any test where conventional ultrasonic flaw detectors have traditionally been used. They are used across a range of industries, including aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, metal billet and tubular goods supply, pipeline construction and maintenance, structural metals, and general manufacturing. Phased arrays are often used in weld inspections, crack detection, and corrosion mapping.

What are the advantages of phased array systems?

Compared with traditional ultrasonic testing systems, which use single- or dual-element transducers, phased array inspection systems use multiple elements. The multielement configuration enables the user to steer, focus, and scan the beam with a single probe assembly. This makes mapping components with odd angles and complex geometries much easier and more accurate than with traditional ultrasonic equipment.

Phased Array Instrument Resources

FMC/TFM Basic Principles

Learn more about FMC/TFM in this basic principles video and how they differ from conventional phased array.

Olympus Phased Array Data with Automated Detection Technology from VeriPhase

Our fully integrated automated phased array weld analysis software allows you to analyze data faster than you can acquire data, for immediate results. Watch our introductory video to find out more.

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