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Aparatura do automnatycznych systemów NDT

Olympus NDT systems instrumentation are recognized as high-performance acquisition units and are used in the integrated inspection systems offered by Olympus. Pioneers in inspection technology, our advanced NDT instruments are equipped with the latest ultrasonic and eddy current technologies, and the variety of our range allows you to choose a unit that best meets the requirements of your site. 

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Ultrasonic Acquisition

QuickScan iX PA+

The QuickScan iX PA+ (64:256) instrument is our latest generation of phased array acquisition units for industrial inspection systems. The acquisition unit easily integrates into industrial environments and multiple units can be used in parallel for advanced multiprobe configurations.

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The scalable FOCUS PX acquisition unit with FocusPC data acquisition and analysis software incorporate the latest phased array (PA) and conventional UT technologies for easy integration into automated and semiautomated systems. This inspection solution enables you to generate and save C-scan and A-scan raw data for applications where the verdict is based on post-inspection data analysis.

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Eddy Current Acquisition

QuickScan iX ECA

The QuickScan iX ECA unit is designed to inspect ferrous and nonferrous materials using multicoil ECA probes. The capabilities and flexibility of this system make it suitable for many applications, such as surface inspections or measurement of material properties.

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NDT Systems Instrumentation Resource Videos

Diverse Uses of Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection Technologies

Learn about ultrasonic phased array testing and how this powerful NDT technology is put to use in industrial environments.

FOCUS PX Automated Train Wheel Inspection

Watch a tutorial on how the FOCUS PX unit can be used to optimize the productivity of a train wheel inspection.

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