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Výukový materiál k technologii phased array – Obsah

Specifications Conventional Instruments

When evaluating conventional flaw detectors, a number of functional characteristics are often specified. These characteristics are generally shared with phased array instruments. Not all of the items listed below are available in all instruments.

Pulser and Receiver:

Largely defines the operating range of transducers that can be used with the instrument

Measurement and Display:

Sizing Options:

A vareity of flaw detection standards and codes have been developed and are in practice for sizing a variety of defects. These apply to inspection of weldments as well as to a variety of metallic and composite structures. Certain inspections require that a specific code be followed. As a result a variety of tools are now available in conventional digital flaw detectors to automate and record tools required by these codes.

Inputs and Outputs:

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