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The use of couplant is almost always necessary to provide acoustic coupling between the transducer and the test piece. We offer various types of couplants to suit virtually all applications.

Part NumberDescriptionVolumeApplication
B2 Glycerin 2 oz. (0.06 liter) General purpose, more viscous, and has a high acoustic impedance, making it the preferred couplant for rough surfaces and highly attenuating materials.
D12 Gel Type 12 oz. (0.35 liter) For rough surfaces such as sand-cast metals and fiberglass layups, weld inspections, overhead surfaces, or vertical walls.
H-2 High Temp 2 oz. (0.06 liter) Temperature range 0 ° (-18 °C) to 750 °F (400 °C) in many open environment applications when used per manufacturer's recommended procedure.*
SWC-2 Shear Wave 2 oz. (0.06 liter) Normal incidence shear wave, non-toxic, water soluble organic substance of very high viscosity.

*Typical UT flaw and thickness applications use thin couplant films in an open environment where the small amount of gas formed can dissipate quickly. However, if an unlikely couplant gas auto ignition flash is of major concern, this couplant should not be used above the auto ignition temperature.


Part NumberFits Connector Style
F108 Right Angle UHF Male to UHF Female, waterproof
F195 45° UHF Female to UHF Male
F202 Active UHF Female to Passive UHF Male/Active Right Angle Microdot Female.
F206 UHF to Flange
F267 Right Angle UHF Female to UHF Male, waterproof
BF-BF BNC Female to BNC Female
BM-BM BNC Male to BNC Male
BM-UF BNC Male to UHF Female
L1F-BM LEMO 1 Female to BNC Male
L1M-BF LEMO 1 Male to BNC Female
LM-BF LEMO 00 Male to BNC Female
LF-BM LEMO 00 Female to BNC Male
MM-UMW Microdot Male to UHF Male, waterproof
UM-BF UHF Male to BNC Female
LF-UM LEMO 00 Female to UHF Male
MM-UFW Microdot Male to UHF Female, waterproof

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