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Result of the operation test for DP camera-commercial PCs

* These were tested using cellSens software.
○: Available, -: indicates that the operation in combination with a PC is not confirmed yet.

Tested PC Result
Model CPU RAM OS DP80 DP75 DP74 DP73 DP28 DP23 DP23M
Desktop HP Z2SFFG9 Core™ i5-12600 processor 16 GB×1 Windows10 Pro 64-bit *1*1
Core™ i5-13600 processor 16 GB×1 Windows11 Pro 64-bit *1*1

*1: The DP73 and DP80 do not support the Kernel DMA Protection function of Windows10 and Windows11.

When using the DP73 or DP80 on Windows10 and Windows11, disable Kernel DMA Protection in [BIOS Settings] on your PC before use.

Kernel DMA Protection (The procedure to check the status of Kernel DMA Protection is included.)

How to disable Kernel DMA Protection (when using an HP EliteDesk 800 G6 TWR; the procedure differs depending on the computer manufacturer and model. For other PCs, please contact the respective manufacturer.)

  1. Start the system.
  2. Press the [ESC] key or the [F10] key immediately after starting the system. The startup Menu appears. (If you press the [F10] key, the [BIOS settings] window appears. Go to Step 4.)
  3. Press [BIOS Setup] (F10).
  4. Select [System Options] in [Advanced].
  5. Uncheck the [DMA protection] checkbox.
  6. Press the [F10] key to save the settings and exit the system.  When "Save Changes?" appears, select "Yes".

* All brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
* The results described above do not provide any operational guarantee.

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