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10 Ноябрь, 2010

Olympus Introduces the New IPLEX YS Industrial Videoscope.

Olympus is pleased to announce the introduction of the new IPLEX YS industrial videoscope. This new videoscope features a very long 30 m (98 ft) insertion tube and a host of new technologies unique to the industry.

The IPLEX YS features an 8.5 mm diameter, 30 m (98 ft) long insertion tube with a pneumatic articulation system. Significantly longer than any other Olympus videoscope, the IPLEX YS has the ability to reach difficult-to-access inspection areas commonly found in power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, and general pipe inspection applications. Maximizing ease of use in these applications, the IPLEX YS is powered by battery and onboard CO2 for a truly remote inspection solution.

Integral to the IPLEX YS is an insertion tube drum storage system, which neatly and easily stores the long insertion tube. The pneumatic articulation system uses air or CO2 instead of mechanical articulation wires, with no loss of articulation performance compared to coiled or straight insertion tubes. As such, users only need to dispense the specific length of insertion tube necessary for a given application, leaving the remainder on the drum. Articulation performance is not affected if the user chooses to only use 15 m (49 ft) and leaves the remaining length stored on the drum so as to not interfere with and clutter the inspection area.

In addition to being operable with AC or battery power, the IPLEX YS has the ability to connect to a local compressed air source or house pressurized CO2 cylinders onboard for completely tether-free operation. The CO2 cylinders are field-swappable and allow for approximately 500 articulation movements. In addition, the air or CO2 can be remotely controlled to "blast" a burst of air across the optical tip adapter lens for cleaning and debris removal. This allows users in harsh environments to perform basic cleaning remotely while eliminating the need to remove the entire insertion tube to wipe any moisture or dust that may have obstructed the view of the CCD camera.

The IPLEX YS also features a unique innovation in videoscope illumination with the introduction of a laser diode light source. Laser light is extremely bright and capable of travelling through the 30 m (98 ft) light guide and producing a significantly higher light output than that typically seen in a videoscope of this length. In fact, the brightness of the IPLEX YS is comparable to short-length bulb and LED-based systems. Low and efficient power consumption of the laser light source also allows the system to operate for approximately 2 hours using the rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

Another technological advance in the IPLEX YS is the addition of a gravity-sensing sensor in the distal end that no longer requires the user to guess whether the tube end is in an up or down position. The IPLEX YS features a fixed on-screen indicator to accurately assess distal end orientation. As an additional option, a length indicator can be added to the IPLEX YS system to provide an on-screen readout of how much of the insertion tube has been inserted into the test piece. This system can be reset at any point by the user so relative distances can be displayed (for example, 5 m past the 90º bend in the pipe).

The IPLEX YS is built on years of engineering research and development and incorporates the latest in IPLEX technology to provide the highest level of performance and functionality. The IPLEX YS provides excellent color reproduction and superb clarity on the industry-leading 6.5 in. daylight-view monitor, enabling very small defects to be detected. The IPLEX YS also includes many of the advanced features found on the flagship IPLEX FX, including WiDER™ (Wide Dynamic Extended Range) image processing, 1GB internal memory, still and video image recording, Compact Flash and USB storage, keyboard and hard disk drive compatibility, and live video output via S-Video or BNC composite connectors. A comprehensive range of interchangeable optical tip adapters is also available, including adapters specifically designed for stereo measurement. In addition, the unique SmartTip™ feature permits recording of adapter information along with captured images for inspection traceability, ease of setup, and confirmation of tip security.

With the introduction of the IPLEX YS industrial videoscope, Olympus is setting a new standard in Remote Visual Inspections (RVI). With the combination of superb ease of use and outstanding functionality, the IPLEX YS sets itself apart as the new standard for long-length industrial videoscopes.

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Ноябрь 10, 2010
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