ПО для анализа изображений

В комбинации с прикладным программным обеспечением, микроскопы Olympus представляют современный высокоэффективный инструмент анализа. Данное решение обеспечивает плавный и динамичный рабочий процесс: от получения изображений, фильтрации и измерения до документации и архивации результатов контроля.


ПО для анализа изображений OLYMPUS Stream повышает эффективность работы на всех этапах контроля: захват изображений, количественные измерения, анализ изображений, создание отчетов, а также расширенные задачи по контролю в области материаловедения.

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Цифровые камеры

Цифровые камеры Olympus разработаны специально для микроскопов и на сегодняшний день стали необходимым атрибутом для визуальных измерений. Все камеры поддерживают высокое качество изображения при использовании с микроскопами Olympus и системой ПО для анализа изображений.


The DP74 color camera supports advanced functions to capture high-quality images of samples. The camera combines a wide field of view with a diagonal length of 21 mm with full HD image resolution at 60 frames per second (fps). The Global shutter of the DP74's CMOS exposes the entire pixel at once, eliminating distortion (even with a moving stage) and enabling users to acquire images quickly and easily. The DP74 camera is optimized for fluorescence imaging with a powerful noise reduction function and a high level of gain sensitivity. With the position navigator, you’ll always know your location in the sample, even without a motorized stage.

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The high-resolution, 18-megapixel SC180 color camera reveals your sample’s fine details and structures. The camera enables insightful observations by resolving more digitally-captured information on-screen than what you could otherwise see through the eyepieces.

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The 9-megapixel UC90 camera captures it all: brightfield images of superior quality, basic fluorescence applications, and up to 4K UHD acquisition. See all the details and not the noise with OSIA, the exclusive Olympus noise reduction technology.

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The DP27 is a 5 megapixel digital camera for microscopy with high-fidelity color reproduction and progressive scanning free from color shift, providing live images with superb quality, seamlessly integrated into the OLYMPUS Stream analysis.

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The SC50 is a 5 megapixel digital color camera for microscopy that offers outstanding image quality, enhanced sensitivity, and high live frame rates at full resolution.

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The LC30 is a 3.1 megapixel digital color camera for microscopy that combines versatility with performance. The LC30 is the ideal entry-level microscope camera for quality bright-field imaging - suitable for material science applications.

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The DP22 is a 2.8 megapixel digital camera for microscopes that offers stunning color and crisp detail with a smooth 25 frames per second, perfect for users without access or the desire to use a PC.

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The XM10 monochrome camera offers dependable gray scale value and fluorescence microscopy images: high resolution, extremely fine sensitivity, a cooled CCD chip, variable exposure times and an optional external trigger function.

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The XM10IR is a 1.4 megapixel monochrome camera with a spectral response from the visible up to 1000 nm and is ideal for thin through-silicon near IR imaging. The XM10IR also offers all of the properties required to provide dependable gray scale value and infra-red microscopy images.

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