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Reliable, Robust, and Reproducible

Versatile Microscope Inspection System

Streamline Your Inspection Process for Large Samples

In semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing, industrial microscopes are essential in the quality control (QC) process to confirm crucial structural dimensions are within specifications.

To meet the needs for efficient inspection in electric vehicle manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and other industries, we developed a customizable microscope with a versatile stage that can be tailored according to various sample sizes and specific inspection workflows.

The system includes our advanced microscope components with high-quality optics and robust software, enabling quick and accurate validation of  electronic components, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), semiconductor dies, and wafers from the micron range upwards.

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ST1 lens closeup microchipboard

Automated Inspections with Consistent, Reliable Data

This solution is designed to automate all aspects of data capture, providing a straightforward process from data acquisition to reporting.

Consistent and Reproducible

  • Autofocusing maintains consistent values
  • Automatically identifies measurement points, so readings are always the same

Intuitive and Automated

  • Automated steps are performed by software-controlled motorized hardware
  • Easy to train new users to operate the system
  • Intuitive software makes the setup and operation simple

Time Efficient

  • Easy setup—simply place the sample onto the stage
  • Measure multiple dimensions with just a few clicks
  • Generate reports easily using the built-in software

Customizable Stage Adapts to Your Application and Sample Size

To accommodate the measurement of components of varying sizes, the stage can be tailored to match specific sample requirements. The customizable stage supports inspections of surface sizes ranging from small particles to large complex displays, with the capacity to handle samples up to 600 mm.

Antivibration Table for Consistent Imaging

The system comes with an active antivibration table, enabling users to perform strict vibration-sensitive measurements. Offering additional stability, casters and leveling feet are attached on the bottom of the support frame, enabling users to easily move the table to a desired location.

ST1 Overview

Precise Imaging with High-Resolution Digital Cameras

Paired with our DP23, DP28, and DP74 digital microscope cameras, the system excels in a wide range of industrial imaging tasks. It provides precise imaging for inspections, material analysis, and quality control.

Dedicated ICC profiles provide accurate color representation to aid in defect identification. A wide field of view combined with high resolution imaging also simplify defect detection, improving accuracy for quality assurance across industries.




High-Quality Optical Lenses and Components Made for Inspection

The system’s integrated objective lenses are manufactured to the strictest quality standards. Performance variation is minimized owing to features such as wavefront aberration control. The high numerical aperture and long working distance of MXPLFLN objectives combine to enable precision inspection from further away, reducing the risk of the objective hitting your sample.

Quickly switch between the most frequently used observation methods, including brightfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), polarization, infrared, fluorescence, and darkfield for different types of analysis. Our MIX slider enhances traditional darkfield with selectable quadrant LED illumination, enabling you to control the direction of light shining on the sample (directional darkfield). With MIX observation, directional darkfield can be used with brightfield, simple polarized light, or fluorescence observation to show more in your sample.

Easy-To-Use Software with Powerful Features

Edge Intensity Measurement Precisely Detects Defect Edges

The software’s edge intensity scanner precisely and automatically detects the edges of defects and sample structures with straight lines, curves, circles, and points.

Perform Simultaneous Measurements in One Sitting

Multi-position acquisitions of repeated structures within the sample or between different samples positioned on the stage can be programmed and automated with the edge detection tool.

Macro Programming for Automatic Dimensional Measurements

Use the program functions to seamlessly integrate multi-position acquisition, autofocusing, and automatic measurements into the edge detection workflow with a single click.

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