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Compliance and Ethics at Evident


EVIDENT strives for ethical and compliant behavior.

Every EVIDENT Representative (including company personnel and agents) has a duty to report any actual or suspected violations of any laws, regulations, internal policies and procedures, or inappropriate actions. To ensure that allegations of improper or illegal conduct, activities or practices are heard and addressed, EVIDENT maintains an anonymous, confidential reporting system (the "EVIDENT Integrity Helpline").

The Helpline is maintained by a third-party, Convercent by OneTrust. Employees, customers, business partners and other third parties may make reports to the Helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, by telephone or by using the internet. OneTrust provides issue reporters with multi-lingual native-speaker support and translation services.

When using the EVIDENT Integrity Helpline, issue reporters may elect to remain anonymous. In all cases, reports are treated with the utmost discretion. To maintain anonymity, issue reporters are assigned a unique code within the Convercent system after reports are submitted, which is intended for the reporter’s eyes only.


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