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5 Сентябрь, 2007

Olympus NDT Introduces the BondMaster 1000e+ Composite Inspection Instrument

Olympus NDT, a world leader in nondestructive testing technologies, is pleased to introduce the Olympus BondMaster 1000e+ composite inspection instrument. The portable BondMaster 1000e+ is a versatile instrument optimized to detect internal defects or delaminations in composite structures used for aerospace, marine, automotive, or manufacturing applications. The major benefit of this latest generation of bond testing equipment is its strong data processing capabilities resulting in a more than ten-fold increase in inspection speed over earlier models. The BondMaster 1000e+ is a true multimode instrument offering sonic pitch-catch, mechanical impedance analysis (MIA), and resonance technologies.
The BondMaster 1000e+ provides innovative electronics, an improved software interface, enhanced functionality along with a revised keypad and two new 'RUN2' displays that enable the operator to monitor both waveform data and the flying dot display (the point on the impedance plane display used for signal presentation evaluation).
The BondMaster 1000e+ includes options for color and monochrome LCD or electroluminescent (EL) display. Packaged in a rugged and durable 1000 Series case, the BondMaster 1000e+ is field-ready for the most demanding applications.

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Сентябрь 05, 2007
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