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How to choose optical tip adapters for the industrial videoscopes

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Optical tip adapter Olympus offers a wide range of interchangeable optical adapters for the industrial videoscopes and fiberscopes, providing optimum focuses and directions for various applications and inspected objects.

The following chart indicates the detailed features of individual optical tip adapters for the IPLEX videoscopes. Basically, forward-viewing adapters are suitable for general inspections where the videoscope distal end has to be articulated and pushed to reach to the observation point in the inspection object. Thus, forward-viewing optical adapters are the first choice for condition monitoring of pipe surface, large area and complicated machine inside. Side-viewing adapters are very effective to observe the detailed condition of welded pipes and turbine blades where good view cannot be achieved with forward-viewing adapters.
Model Direction
of view
of field
of view
Feature Object examples
AT40D Forward Far focus 40° Suitable for telescopic inspection, delivering bright images. Tanks, drums, pressure vessels, wide pipes, security surveillance
AT80D/NF Near focus 80° A universal optical adapter covering inspections of both nearby and distant objects. Various objects including machine parts
AT80D/FF Far focus An optical adapter achieving bright and sharp images. Combustion chambers /blades of middle/large-sized gas turbine engines, wide pipes, pressure vessels
AT120D/NF Near focus 120° A macro optical adapter for magnified inspections. Suitable for detailed observations inside small spaces. Casting parts, machine parts, small pipes, welding, surface cracks
AT120D/FF Far focus A standard optical adapter to achieve inspections of close-up to distant objects and areas. Various objects such as combustion chambers/ blades of gas turbine engines, machine parts, pipes
AT80S Side Far focus 80° This optical adapter offers the brightest and most magnified images at some distance in our side-view adapter range. Blades of large-sized gas turbine engines
AT120S/NF Near focus 120° This optical adapter delivers sharp images even in almost contact observation. Welding of small pipes, object surface, ground parts
AT120S/FF Far focus This optical adapter enables inspections of close-up to distant objects and areas. Blades of small/middle-sized gas turbine engines

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