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What Does It Mean to Work Connected?

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Introducing the Olympus Scientific Cloud (OSC), a new solution that expands the capabilities of your Vanta handheld XRF analyzer and EPOCH® 6LT flaw detector. Take advantage of this set of features and see what it means to Work Connected™.

It means seamless software updates

Make sure that you always have the latest and greatest software features. Download updates directly to your instrument from the Cloud without having to use an interface program on your PC. It’s also easy for managers to make sure that their entire fleet is running the same software version.

It means easy data backups

It’s easy to wirelessly upload data to the Cloud from your instrument. With Cloud storage, you don’t need to maintain a big backlog of files on your device or worry about running out of space. The data files can be easily transferred in open formats that work on many other programs.

It means enhanced collaboration

Wireless data uploads mean that you can share your data with colleagues back in the office, even if that office is on the other side of the globe. If you’re on an inspection job, a level one tech in the field can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of a level three tech back in the office.

For Vanta analyzers, the Cloud takes collaboration even further with real-time screen sharing. A single, central decision maker located anywhere in the world can use real-time information to direct users on the ground.

EPOCH 6LT on the Cloud

It means managers have more tools

Use the OSC to keep track of important health information such as the number of power cycles, active time, temperature, error logs, and drops (health data varies by instrument). Monitoring how often each instrument is used helps fleet managers understand how their assets are used and distribute the wear more evenly across the entire fleet. When you do send your instrument in for maintenance, the Olympus service center knows what components and software need updating to minimize your instrument’s downtime.

For tools with built-in GPS, like Vanta analyzers, managers can also keep track of the physical location of all their devices and organize inspection data with location tagging.

It means your data is secure and available worldwide

The Olympus Scientific Cloud has leading-edge security features and data centers all over the world to help ensure that your information is stored locally and securely. When you upload data to the OSC, you still own it. Olympus will never share customer data that’s stored in the Cloud.

It means there’s more to come

The features discussed here are just the beginning; new functionality will continue to be developed and rolled out. Support for additional Olympus devices will also be added in the future.

If you haven’t already, sign up for the OSC now and experience for yourself what it means to Work Connected.*

*Some Cloud features and applications require a paid OSC subscription after an initial trial period. Visit the OSC account registration page for more information.

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