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High-Quality Compact Microscope Assemblies

The BXC series offers the high-quality microscope components you know and trust from Evident, but in a compact, mountable, and configurable format. These off-the-shelf optical-mechanical assemblies are ready to be designed into your scientific instruments and devices.

What Configuration Will You Build?

Part of our BX microscope series, BXC microscope components are compact and designed for OEM integration and development. Their versatility and modularity make them a good choice for inspection or imaging applications such as instruments designed for wafer alignment, bump measurement, and image stitching.

BXC Series Configuration Examples


BXC-CBRML system

BXC-CBB system

Conventional microscope


Save space with only one BF objective


Basic, compact assemblies


Fully motorized assemblies for clean rooms

BXC-CBB system

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High-Performance Objective Lenses

Combined high numerical aperture and long working distance

Objective lenses are crucial to a microscope’s performance. The MXPLFLN objectives add depth to the MPLFLN series for epi-illumination imaging by maximizing numerical aperture and working distance at the same time. Higher resolutions at 20X and 50X magnifications typically mean shorter working distances, which forces the sample or objective to be retracted during sample exchange and requires slow sample handling during observation. In many cases, the MXPLFLN series’ 3 mm working distance eliminates this problem, enabling faster inspections with less chance of the objective hitting the sample.

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Improved image flatness

The image flatness of the MPLFLN 2.5X, 5X, and 5X brightfield/ darkfield objectives has been improved, making it faster to obtain stitched images at low magnifications. For higher throughput in darkfield observation, we introduced a brightfield/darkfield 2.5X objective—the MPLFLN2.5XBD.

Broad spectral range

From visible to near-infrared (NIR), our advanced optical fabrication and coating technology provides users and manufacturers with a variety of objective lens and tube lens combinations to simplify their system requirements with standard products.

Transmittance curves of three available objectives

Wavefront aberration control

High-end manufacturing processes—such as wavefront aberration-controlled selection of lens assemblies—are used for MXPLFLN series objectives. This process keeps variation in device performance to a minimum.

Tube Lenses

Form the optimal image

Select from five tube lenses to meet a variety of applications.

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Advanced Options for System Design and Automation

Versatile directional darkfield

Darkfield is used to observe scattered or diffracted light from a sample—such as scratches or flaws—on a mirror surface or semiconductor wafer. The MIX slider realizes darkfield without large, dedicated optics and enhances traditional darkfield with 16 individually controllable LEDs, enabling you to control the direction of light shining on the sample. In addition, this directional darkfield technique, achieved by using the MIX slider, can be combined with brightfield, simple polarized light, or fluorescence observation.

MIX slider (top side)

MIX slider ((bottom side)


MIX with brightfield

Wide variety of revolving nosepieces

As the demand for automation increases, so does the demand for motorized revolving nosepieces. Evident has proven performance with the U-D5BDREMC and U-D6BDREMC five-and six-position motorized revolving nosepieces. Now the U-D5BDREMC-VA class 1 clean room compatible motorized revolving nosepiece removes dust and other particles using a vacuum. Manual, coded, and centerable revolving nosepiece as well as adapters for a single objective lens can be configured into BXC assemblies.

Motorized BD revolving nosepiece with vacuum function U-D5BDREMC-VA

Measurement objective adapter STM7-MMOBAD

Autofocus sensing unit

The BXC-FSU uses a Class 1* laser to enable multispot sensing to monitor the direction of the focal position and focus status. This sensor works well for low-contrast samples like bare wafers. A unique algorithm outputs a stable focus signal regardless of the objective lens magnification and noise caused by peripheral light. The command reference manual, instruction manual, and sample software are available on our website. Application manuals are available on request.

*The class 1 laser is contained, so no additional safety measures are required.


Autofocus Sensing Unit BXC-FSU

Compact control box

The BXC-CBRML and BXC-CBB control boxes have small footprints, no fan, and variable mounting options (e.g., wall or ceiling). Depending on the control box, functions like the MIX slider, illuminator, motorized revolving nosepiece, and LED light source can be integrated and controlled using your software.


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We offer a full range of resources to support our OEM customers. Click here to visit our OEM resources page where you'll find brochures, manuals, software downloads, and other helpful content.

Control box BXC-CBRML

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