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February 02, 2012
Olympus announces the i-SPEED PL

This new super slow-motion video camera is designed for use by the creative media community. The i-SPEED PL is an extremely portable, user friendly super slow motion camera with a PL lens mounting. The i-SPEED PL camera is the perfect choice for the filming of high speed events to create stunning visual effects for documentaries, music videos, commercials and web-based material.

The camera body weighs just 4Kg's and can be configured with a range of accessories depending on the nature of the shoot - from mounting on rails with monitors, matt box, additional batteries etc to simply adding a lens for more mobile hand-held shooting.

Featuring a 1280x1024 sensor with amazing image quality, the i-SPEED PL will shoot at full resolution to 2000fps - a dedicated 720P record mode allows shooting in the 720P format. The sensor is manufactured using the latest in pixel technology making the system extremely light sensitive, with an impressive ISO rating (ISO12232) of 1,600.

  • Use less light/ often no need for additional illumination outdoors

The camera body has multiple mounting points to allow the addition of accessories such as additional batteries, handles, rails and monitors and is constructed from rugged aluminium making it suitable for use in the most hostile of environments.

  • Camera has been used in the cold at -30oC, in high temperature and humidity at +45oC/ 90% humidity and under-water*

Connectors are robust and the camera is not fussy about connection/ disconnection sequences. Save video clips to on-board industry standard compact flash cards for convenience. Review video footage instantaneously before saving to decide if the shot was as intended/ needs re-shooting.

  • Run the camera completely independently from a PC

The i-SPEED PL camera is simplicity itself to operate. Utilising the unique Controller Display Unit (CDU) - which gives full access to all of the camera's functionality - the camera has an incredibly user-friendly interface. The CDU - which also provides a full time live view from the camera and allows you to review captured slow motion footage instantaneously - can be mounted to the camera body to additionally aid focussing and scene setting. Alternatively, standard external monitors can be plugged into the camera body and operation can be controlled via the Remote Control Pad (RCP).

Video footage is stored as .HSV files or a RAW sequence and the i-SPEED PL camera body comes with dedicated software - HSV2frames - to allow quick and convenient transfer to a format suitable for MAC editing software.

  • Smooth workflow

Accessories available through Olympus:

  • ARRI riser plate
  • Top handle
  • Front handle
  • CDU mounting bracket
  • PAG V-lock mounting plates
  • Rainproof cover

See examples of video footage produced by the Olympus i-SPEED PL cameras at

*conditions apply and use of an underwater housing is required. Please contact Olympus for more details.

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