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Tommy Bourgelas

Director of Portable Advanced NDT Products

Todd Houlahan

Director, International Mining Group

Michael W. Hull

Výkonný produktový manažer, analytické přístroje

Charles Janecka

Associate Product Manager, Remote Visual Inspection

Ghislain Morais

Product Leader, Eddy Current Product Line

Emilie Peloquin

Executive Director, Global NDT Applications Engineering

Markus Fabich

Senior manažer, strategický marketing

Daly Souissi

Global Markets Director, Fuel and Energy

Stephan Couture

Global Advanced Product Support Specialist

Vladimir Vermus

Business Specialist, Analytical Instruments

Rod Matheson

Head of Product Marketing, Evident EMEA

Professor David Cohen, President

Australian Geoscience Council

Terence Burke

Consultant, Industrial Sales, Evident Canada

Vincent Lee

Product and Application Manager, Olympus Singapore

Dennis Chai

Sr. Product Manager, NDT Solutions, APAC

Prasanth Geddam

Product Manager, APAC NDT, Evident Scientific, Singapore

Dong Rip Kim, PhD

Associate Professor of School of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University, South Korea

Raymond Chong

Product Specialist, Digital Imaging and Microscopy

François Laflamme

Systems Product Manager, Olympus Canada

Dr. Christopher Lane

Head of Customized Solutions, Evident EMEA

Franco Pascua

Senior Product Specialist

Joshua Low

Assistant Manager

Maxime Le Breton

Managing Partner, Ecotrade Group

Hendrik Brouwer

CEO, Energy Efficiency Engineering (International) Pte., Ltd (EEE)

Bayard Morales

Product Marketing Manager, Remote Visual Inspection

Heiko Gäthje

Senior Trainer, Training Academy

Trevor Tartaglia

Product Applications Leader

Angélique Raude

Strategic Marketing Manager, NDT, Evident EMEA

Nick Eleftheriou

NDT Applications Manager

Bülent Peker

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Life Science

Rebecca Bonfig

Product Manager, Confocal Microscopy

François-Côme Beaupré

General Manager, NDT Business Unit, APAC, Evident Scientific, Singapore

Greg Bauer

Product Manager – Cloud & IoT Solutions

Yosuke Kobayashi

Digital Microscopy Marketing Manager

Sarah Williams

Staff Writer

Rebecca Chandler

Staff Writer
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