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Software Features

Powerful Features Optimized for One-Handed Operation

The EPOCH® 6LT portable flaw detector has a variety of standard and optional software features designed to meet a wide range of flaw detection applications.

Exporting saved inspection files for reporting is easy. Send your inspection results to a removable USB memory stick in a variety of convenient file formats, such as BMP, CSV, and PDF, to quickly communicate your data.

Connected and Cloud Enabled

With optional Wireless LAN, connect your flaw detector to the Olympus Scientific Cloud and access powerful cloud-based features, including:

  • Wireless firmware upgrade
  • File backup and archiving
  • Remote file access and management

Cloud file management includes all EPOCH 6LT file types, making it easier than ever to report and communicate your inspection results.

Learn more about the Olympus Scientific Cloud

flaw detection management features
flaw detector software features DAC/TCG and DGS/AVG

Standard Software Features for Reliable Flaw Sizing

Dynamic DAC/TCG: Calculates signal amplitude as a percentage or decibel level compared to a DAC curve or a reference echo amplitude fixed at a time-varied gain. The DAC version includes standard, custom DAC warning curves, and 20–80% views.

DGS/AVG: Enables echo signals to be evaluated with a DGS/AVG diagram, which illustrates the relationship between echo height, flaw size, and distance from the transducer.

AWS D1.1 and D1.5: Provides a dynamic reflector indication rating for various AWS weld inspection applications. This enables more efficient inspections by eliminating manual calculations.

Added Versatility: Optional Software Features

Corrosion Module: For corrosion inspections, this feature enables automatic ultrasonic setups based on transducer selection with automatic probe recognition for all standard Olympus corrosion dual transducers, Automatic Gain Control (AGC), a thickness gage measurement algorithm, true V-path correction, and transducer wear compensation using an automatic zero function (“Do Zero”). The module also features a color-coded grid view for improved corrosion reporting capabilities.

Back Wall Echo Attenuator (BEA): Attenuates the back wall of an inspected part using the screen region defined by Gate 2. BEA software enables the user to monitor for back wall drop off while scanning at a high gain level.

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