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Aerospace Inspections Solutions

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Aerospace Inspections Solutions
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Engine & Airframe Manufacturing

  • Foreign object debris (FOD)
  • Airframe and encapsulation
  • Composites
  • Engines
  • Alloy verification
  • Critical dimension measurement

Inspection Technologies

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Airlines & MROs

  • Engines & APUs
  • Flaps & airframes
  • Landing gear & wheel hubs
  • Fastener holes
  • Turbine blades
  • Flaw/crack detection

Inspection Technologies

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Helicopter Inspections

  • Internal tailboom
  • Engine
  • Strap pack
  • Bond testing
  • Delamination
  • Fastener holes

Inspection Technologies

Aerospace Remote Visual Inspection Solutions

Remote Visual Inspection

Fast, easy visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas

  • Easily identify defects with ultra-bright illumination
  • Super wide field stereo measures flaws from further away
  • Work ergonomically with portable and adaptive form factor
  • Working Channel Scope and retrieval tools provide versatile solution for Foreign Object Debris (FOD) removal and hook inspection

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Using UT and PA in Aerospace Inspections

Conventional & Phased Array Ultrasound

High-speed UT and PAUT flaw detection and corrosion inspection solutions

  • Instruments easy to use in small spaces
  • Portable ultrasonic phased array instruments and solutions
  • High-speed ultrasonic acquisition devices

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Eddy Current Inspections in Aerospace

Eddy Current

Powerful, portable solutions for structural integrity checks

  • Highly reliable detection of surface and near-surface defects
  • Eddy current array instruments for large coverage and high-POD areas
  • Wide variety of sensors for multiple applications

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Component material testing with XRF

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Fast, accurate material verification of critical components

  • Vanta analyzers are drop tested (MIL-STD-810G) for exceptional durability
  • Axon™ technology for fast, accurate, repeatable results
  • Optional Wi-Fi for simple data downloads and file sharing

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Microscope Solutions in Aerospace

Industrial Microscopes

Critical dimension measurement and technical cleanliness solutions

  • Failure analysis (R&D)
  • Technical cleanliness inspections
  • Critical dimension measurement
  • Surface roughness

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Bond Testing in Aerospace

Bond Testing

Superior location of disbonds, delamination, and flaws in composites

  • Skin-to-core disbonding and water ingress inspections
  • Composite honeycomb structures, flaps, rudder, and nacelles
  • Aluminum multi-layer disbonding
  • Multi-mode instruments and probes

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