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Thickness Measurements on Plastics, Metals, etc.

Thickness Measurements on Plastics, Metals, Composites, Glass, Rubber, Ceramics

Using Single Element Transducers

Single element transducers enable you to make accurate thickness measurements on metals, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics, and other materials. These transducers are available in a wide range of frequencies, diameters, and connector styles. In order to use a single element transducer with the 45MG, you must purchase either the Single Element software or the High Penetration software option.

  • Single Element software option can display measurements up to 0.001 mm (0.0001 in.) for single element transducers from 2.25 MHz to 30 MHz
  • High Penetration software option for measurements on attenuating materials such as fiberglass, rubber, and thick castings
  • Thickness, Velocity, or time-of-flight measurements
  • Application Auto-Recall with default and custom setups to simplify thickness measurements

Sonopen Testing Bearing

Delay Line testing gearGolf ball

Single Element Software Option

The Single Element software option enables you to make very precise thickness measurements at a resolution of up to 0.0001 in. or 0.001 mm. Compatible with single element Microscan transducers ranging from 2.25 MHz to 30 MHz.

  • Most materials, from thin to thick
  • Plastic bottles, tubes, pipes, sheets as thin as 0.08 mm (0.003 in.)
  • Metal containers, steel coils, machined parts as thin as 0.10 mm (0.004 in.)
  • Cylinder bores, turbine blades
  • Glass bulbs, bottles
  • Thin fiberglass, rubber, ceramics, and composite materials
  • Curved areas or containers with small radii

Single Element High Penetration Software Option

This option allows you to use low frequency single element transducers (as low as 0.5 MHz) to measure thick or highly attenuating materials such as rubber, fiberglass, castings, and composites. Included is the Single Element option.

  • Most thick or sound-attenuating materials
  • Thick cast metal parts
  • Thick rubber tires, belts
  • Fiberglass boat hulls, storage tanks
  • Composite panels
  • Resolution of 0.01 mm (0.001 in.) for transducer frequencies of 0.5 MHz and 1.0 MHz

Casting Metal Parts
Many casts metal parts or highly attenuating materials can be measured with High Penetration software option.

Application Setup Recall

Application Setup Recall simplifies making thickness measurements. Select any of the stored transducers and the 45MG gauge recalls all relevant internal transducer parameters.

Stored Standard Setups

The 45MG includes 21 standard single element transducer setups for the most common applications. These default transducer setup can be used on wide variety of thickness applications.

Stored Custom Setups

The 45MG can store up to 35 custom single element transducer setups including calibration information. You can connect the appropriate transducer and recall the setup file and the instrument is ready to make thickness measurements on even the most difficult applications.

Material Sound Velocity Measurement

The 45MG has the capability to make material sound velocity measurements. This standard feature is useful in applications where the speed of sound within the material can be correlated to other properties. Typical applications include cast metals to monitor the degree of nodularity, and composites/fiberglass to monitor variations in density.

Reduction Rate Measurements

Differential Mode and Reduction Rate Mode are standard features on the 45MG. Differential Mode shows the thickness variation from a pre-set thickness value. Reduction Rate calculates and displays the percent of thickness reduction after a material thinning process. A typical application is automotive sheet steel that is bent and formed to make car body panels.

Measuring Plastic
Measure thin plastic material using a 20 MHz delay line transducer.
Measuring Thinning Metal
Measure metal thinning caused by bending or forming.
Measuring Glass
Measure thin glass with a V260-SM Sonopen® transducer.
Measuring  many materials
Measure the thickness of many materials including plastic, metal, rubber, glass, ceramic, and composites.

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