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IPLEX NX Videoscope Wins Design Award!

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Our IPLEX® NX videoscope was recently awarded a Good Design Best 100 award by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

The IPLEX NX videoscope.

The winners of the Good Design awards are chosen after a screening process that involves 76 international jury members. Award winners span an array of fields and applications including education, safety, agriculture, and inspection.

The IPLEX NX videoscope has a number of user-friendly features all designed to make inspections faster and easier. The videoscope’s 8.4-inch screen, brightness, and high image quality make it easier for inspectors to see in dark areas or in large cavities and pick out small flaws. TrueFeel articulation helps inspectors navigate the videoscope’s insertion tube through tricky spaces, making the scope easier to operate. The enhanced stereo measurement feature provides a dramatic increase in inspection area by enabling users to make measurements from two times further away than previous models. For enhanced user comfort, the IPLEX NX videoscope has a multi-position design; the unit can be configured six different ways so users can remain comfortable in different inspection scenarios.

The brightness of the IPLEX NX videoscope (left) compared to the previous model.

Learn more about the videoscope’s award-winning design.

listopad 15, 2016
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