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Four Advantages of X-ray Diffraction (XRD) in Ore Processing

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High-grade ore reserves are becoming harder to find, forcing mines to process low grade and complex ores. Being able to identify the makeup of incoming ore-bearing rocks is critical to pre-planning and optimizing processing operations as well as controlling costs.

Our portable TERRA® and benchtop BTX II™ XRD analyzers provide rapid mineral identification and quantification for geometallurgical applications. Using patented technology developed for the NASA Mars Rover program, our XRD analyzers provide ore processors with advantages including:

  1. Easy sample prep: While some XRD analyzers require extensive sample preparation before you get your data, our analyzers make it simple. Grind up a small portion of your sample (as little as 15 mg) to create a powder and place it in the analyzer’s sample chamber. The process is so easy that even non-lab personnel can quickly acquire important data.

Both the TERRA and BTX II make it easy to load a powdered sample.

  1. Onsite analysis: Whether in an onsite lab or in the flatbed of your pickup truck, our portable XRD analyzers give you the flexibility to conduct analyses where it’s most convenient for you. Both the TERRA and BTX II analyzers provide results comparable to full-scale lab instruments.
  2. Qualitative XRF capabilities: Get more out of your XRD analyzer with the additional qualitative XRF capabilities in both the TERRA and BTX II.

Get more out of your XRD analyzer with qualitative XRF analysis.

  1. Cost-effective with a low cost of ownership: Large laboratory analyzers can be very expensive but the patented technology in the TERRA and BTX II has enabled us to create these cost-effective instruments that provide results comparable to more expensive systems.

Our XRD analyzers are engineered so you get a low cost of ownership.

Save time and money with the mineralogical information provided by our portable XRD analyzers. Learn more about our analyzers and how they’re used as part of ore processing.

Principal Geologist, Olympus International Mining Group

Aaron is a diversified Mineral Exploration & Mining Geologist with 20+ years industry experience, spanning analytical products, consulting, mining operations & mineral exploration. Aaron is the Principal Geologist – International Mining Group (IMG) for Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas (OSSA) headquartered in Boston, MA, USA. He is also an embedded researcher & project manager at the Deep Exploration Technologies – Commonwealth Research Cooperative (DET CRC) based in Adelaide, Australia & co-inventor of the recently commercialized Lab-At-Rig® product (now with Imdex-Reflex).

Aaron has been working with Olympus (and formerly Innov-X Systems) since 2008 and has become an Industry Specialist in the application of field portable x-ray fluorescence, x-ray diffraction and microscopy for mineral exploration, mining, mineral processing, environmental and petroleum applications. He is currently focused on the research & development and business development of real-time mineral analysis technologies, including the adaption of systems used by NASA on the Mars Curiosity Rover for terrestrial mineral analysis.

Professionally, Aaron is a qualified Geologist and graduate of the Western Australian School of Mines, Kalgoorlie (WASM) and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mineral Exploration & Mining Geology with 1st Class Honours. Prior to joining Olympus, Aaron spent time with Barrick Gold, Outokumpu, Mincor Resources, Straits Resources and Breakaway Resources working in a variety of management and operational roles, throughout Australia & Canada in various gold, nickel and copper deposits. Aaron is a Member of the AusIMM, AIG, SEG, AAG, GSA & WASMGA.

Aaron is also a qualified snowboard instructor and when not working, you can find him hitting up the slopes in the USA, Canada, NZ & Australia, as well as wake boarding, fishing & kayaking with his family in the summer time.

červen 1, 2016
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