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Important Announcement for the SZ-FLR ESD Fluorescent Ring Illuminator for Stereo Zoom Microscopes Users
It has been discovered that the SZ-FLR ESD fluorescent ring illuminator for stereo zoom microscopes may cause electric shock due to leakage current if not grounded properly, although this is a very rare occurrence. We have been providing inspection and free repair services for this product since 2006. However, since 17 years have passed since we discontinued sales of this product and the maintenance period has also expired, we are sorry to inform you that we will no longer be providing this service.
Free replacement of SZ2-STP Arm Used with Microscopes for Equipment Mounting
SZ2-STP Arm Used with Microscope for Equipment Mounting was shipped with the holding parts of the stereo microscope zoom body installed upside down. We would like to therefore offer replacement of the subject product free of charge.
Software Vulnerabilities Notice Regarding Evident Microscope Software
Due to a severe security vulnerability issue in a third-party component used in Evident Application Software, it is strongly advised to install the provided Service Update. This Service Update provides a version of the affected component that closes the vulnerability gap.
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