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Olympus extended warranties, service contracts, and our True Protection Plan

Calibration and Repair

Extended Warranties

Olympus offers an extended warranty program that will give you the same factory warranty for a longer period of time. Customers can purchase a one or multi-year extended warranty at the time of purchase or while the product is still under the standard factory warranty. A yearly calibration is included in most extended warranty solutions.

Service Contracts*

Olympus has standard and custom calibration and repair programs. The benefits of a service contract include faster turnaround times on all calibrations and repairs, lower cost of ownership by performing routine maintenance, and predictable maintenance costs. It may be the competitive advantage you need for your business.

XRF True Protection Plan*

For a single price, know that your XRF analyzer is covered for any repair required during the plan period.** The True Protection Plan covers you in addition to the standard factory warranty and is renewable for as long as you own your instrument. The True Protection Plan is available at the time you purchase your analyzer or any time within the factory warranty period.

*Only available in the United States and Canada.
**Deductible may apply.

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