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2016년 9월 27일


CSIRO is a leader in portable XRF application development and research and is committed to using the latest in portable XRF technology. CSIRO helps explorers and miners optimize the practical implementation of XRF technology via research and publications about real-time data acquisition methods and workflows.

Optimized for mining applications, Olympus’ Vanta analyzer is designed to work in the world’s harshest environments, providing maximum uptime and a faster return on investment. Vanta analyzers are IP65 rated* for protection against dust and water and built to pass a 4-foot drop test (MIL-STD 810G). With an optional fan, they can work continuously in an ambient operating temperature range of  -10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F).**

The analyzer’s rugged design is complemented by Olympus’ new Axon technology, a breakthrough in XRF signal processing that utilizes ultra-low-noise electronics to process higher X-ray counts per second and deliver fast results. The lower detection limits, stability, and precision that Axon technology delivers enable CSIRO researchers to better understand controls on ore grade in mineral deposits as well as the subtle variances associated with mineralization patterns in an exploration environment.

Vanta analyzers are easy to use with a new intuitive interface, a responsive touch screen that is readable in any light and optional Bluetooth and wireless LAN (Wireless LAN) functionality for seamless data transfer. Through integrated GPS and cloud connectivity, CSIRO researchers can further advance their data integration objectives by creating interoperability between multiple datasets and provide data analytics in real time to keep up with today’s modern geoscience research and development needs.

CSIRO will use their new Vanta analyzers in a variety of applications. These applications include litho-geochemistry to help their customers better understand stratigraphic controls on gold mineralization for mining operation optimization and recovery, as well as in various projects associated with the Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Center (www.detcrc.com.au). Olympus is excited to deliver these first three Vanta analyzers and continue to work with CSIRO to advance the application of portable XRF technology.

* M series analyzers are IP64 rated.
** With optional fan. The fan assembly is IP56 rated. Operates continuously at 33 °C without the fan.

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9월 27, 2016
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