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2013년 4월 15일

Olympus introduces an internal Working Channel scope model additionally to the compact and versatile IPLEX LX videoscope.

Olympus is pleased to announce the launch of new IPLEX LX Internal Working Channel scope model IV8635AL1 in the USA and Japan, which expands inspection capability of the IPLEX LX videoscope.

The compact IPLEX LX with a large 6.5 in. LCD monitor features unsurpassed durability complying with Military Standards and advanced functionality. The range of scope lineup covers scopes between 2 m to 20 m long with 4 mm, 6 mm or 8.5 mm diameters, supplying various inspection demands.

The new Internal Working Channel scope model, IV8635AL1 has a 6.2 mm-diameter and 3.5 m-long scope, and is equipped with a thin tube called "working channel" inside the scope. The IV8635AL1 allows you to install retrieval tool through the working channel, and to remove foreign objects in narrow and deep areas during your inspections. The IV8635AL1 also allows you to attach a hook on the scope tip for the hooking inspection of gas turbines.

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4월 15, 2013
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