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2008년 6월 11일

Innov-X to address the challenges of RoHS Compliance with Industry Leaders

Innov-X Systems will take part in the "XRF Short Course - RoHS Workshop" held at the University of Western Ontario on Friday, June 13, 2008. XRF has been identified as a fast and cost effective RoHS screening technique, however analysts still face certain challenges, such as the heterogeneity of many samples, irregular sample size, calibrations and verifications methods. Innov-X Systems will be working with industry experts to address these challenges.

Innov-X will be providing instrument demonstrations and hands-on training for students to receive a complete understanding of RoHS screening with XRF instruments. Innov-X portable XRF analyzers screen and quantify for up to 25 elements simultaneously, including all five RoHS elements. Testing results and Pass/Fail decisions are displayed real-time, as well as automatically saved in compliance with the RoHS Directive.

Details of the workshop are available at: http://www.uwo.ca/earth/news/xrfcourse/wksprohs.html.

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6월 11, 2008
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