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4 Setembro, 2014

Olympus Introduces the DELTA Element, a Handheld XRF Analyzer for Cost-Effective Alloy Identification and Elemental Analysis

Olympus is pleased to announce the release of its newest and most affordable handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer that is optimized for scrap metal sorting, positive material identification (PMI), alloy QA/QC, and precious metals analysis.

Powerful, yet simple, the DELTA Element was designed for budget-conscience customers who desire the accuracy, speed, precision, simplicity and ruggedness expected in Olympus DELTA XRF analyzers, yet do not require the high-end performance necessary for some specialty applications. The DELTA Element XRF analyzer provides accurate and precise material chemistry to rapidly identify alloy grades and pure metals in seconds.

The DELTA Element’s unique combination of features is ideal for most alloy identification and sorting applications. The analyzer is rugged and robust, built to withstand the rigors of a heavy industrial environment with rubber overmolds, a rubberized grip and heavy-duty Kapton window to protect the analyzer in tough conditions. With fast results, low limits of detection, and outstanding precision, the DELTA Element is a powerful tool and the most affordable DELTA XRF Analyzer offered by Olympus.

The DELTA Element comes equipped with powerful and exclusive features, including Grade Match Messaging, which sends vital alerts and information to the operator to streamline the alloy sorting and verification process. This customizable feature enables superior usability and throughput by assigning a message to any grade, providing operators real-time messages for sorting instructions, alerts, alternative grade names or other useful information.

With its lightweight, handheld design and durable construction, the DELTA Element is a more affordable tool for elemental analysis and identification of alloys and metals in scrap recycling, QA/QC, PMI and jewelry/precious metals. Finally, powerful handheld XRF is now within the reach of more budget-conscience customers.

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Setembro 04, 2014
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