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Thumbnail viewing, file management and post-stereo measurement of captured images with IPLEX FX, IPLEX LX, IPLEX LT, IPLEX UltraLite, IPLEX MX II, IPLEX YS, PLEX TX, IPLEX RX, IPLEX RT, IPLEX NX and Series C can be conducted on your PC with the InHelp Viewer software.

Highly accurate image measurement can be performed by zooming in your intended points in an image from 3X to 4X. Information adding and editing on captioned images is also available. In addition, using recommended wireless SD card is used with *IPLEX, you can save the images not only for SD memory card but also remote PC.

InHelp Viewer with Wireless capability enables to InHelp inspection data management and reporting software. Detailed inspection report can be created. With just on-click on PC without transferring images manually.

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