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Librestream and Olympus Bring Remote NDT/RVI Experts into the Field Virtually
Librestream Technologies Inc., a leader in remote expert systems for enterprise, and Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, a leading industrial inspection equipment manufacturer, are pleased to announce that Olympus is now offering Librestream’s Onsight platform to provide additional functionality to their product portfolio.
New Olympus GX53 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope for Faster Quality Inspections of Manufactured Metal Components; upgraded OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software
The new Olympus GX53 inverted metallurgical microscope features an LED light source for ultra-long life and low power consumption. The microscope also incorporates the latest version of OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software (v. 2.3) for improved observation and reporting capabilities.
Precisely Measure Shape and Surface Roughness at the Sub-Micron Level Four-Times Faster than the Previous Model for Enhanced Productivity Launch of the LEXT OLS5000 3D Measuring Laser Microscope
Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa) is pleased to announce the simultaneous worldwide launch of the LEXT OLS5000 3D measuring laser microscope on October 18, 2017, as a new product from its Scientific Solutions business. The OLS5000 microscope is used in research and development and quality inspection in the automotive, electronic component and semiconductor industries.
Olympus NDT Canada Invests to Support Growth
Olympus NDT (Nondestructive Testing) Canada proceeded today with the official inauguration of its new office and manufacturing complex, built at a cost of $37 million CAD in the Michelet Innovation Zone.
一件工具,多项应用 — 新款Vanta VCA型号手持式XRF分析仪可以对多种元素进行检测
马萨诸塞州,沃尔瑟姆,2017年10月3日 — 奥林巴斯的新款Vanta VCA型号分析仪具有非常强大的分析性能,可以满足那些需要使用XRF分析仪完成诸如合金分析和RoHS合规检测等多种应用的客户的要求。
马萨诸塞州,沃尔瑟姆,2017年9月19日 — 奥林巴斯设计新款L系列Vanta手持式X射线荧光(XRF)分析仪的目的是满足用户的如下要求:性价比较高的装有硅条带(Si-PIN)X射线探测器的Vanta分析仪具有坚固耐用、性能强大、分析迅速和使用方便的特性。
奥林巴斯的新款EPOCH 6LT探伤仪具有超级便携性能,可以为借助绳索攀爬完成的检测以及对便携性能有极高要求的应用提供全面的缺陷探测性能
马萨诸塞州,沃尔瑟姆,2017年6月27日 — EPOCH 6LT探伤仪不仅为用户提供了强大的超声探测性能,其前沿性机身设计还符合人体工程学的要求。这款经过优化的仪器可以单手操作,因此特别适用于借助绳索攀爬完成的检测以及对便携性能有极高要求的应用。
Locate hard-to-see defects on semiconductor wafers or flat panel displays with the customizable and efficient MX63/MX63L Microscopes
Large samples, such as semiconductors, printed circuit boards and flat panel displays (FPDs), can be difficult to inspect, but the new Olympus MX63 and MX63L microscopes offer users the features, flexibility and ease of use to inspect large industrial samples quickly and easily.
Olympus Employees Donate Nearly 1,200 Volunteer Hours to Greater-Atlantic City Charities
Olympus, a global technology leader in designing and delivering innovations in life science and industrial solutions, among other core businesses, announced today that over 250 of its employees from around the country participated in a Day of Caring in Greater-Atlantic City, donating nearly 1,200 hours of volunteer time to local charities. Olympus recognizes the importance of supporting community organizations and is passionate about giving its employees opportunities to get involved.
用于RoHS和消费者安全的新款Vanta手持式X射线荧光(XRF)分析仪 可使用户充满信心地对有毒金属进行筛查
马萨诸塞州,沃尔瑟姆,2017年3月21日 ー 奥林巴斯为不断得到优化的Vanta系列手持式XRF分析仪添加的最新功能有助于确保所分析的产品符合RoHS(限制有害物质)指令及相关的地方或国际监管法规。正如其它型号的每台Vanta分析仪一样,这款新型号分析仪同样具有机身结构坚固耐用、分析迅速、结果精确的特性,可以运行很长的时间,且拥有成本更低。
奥林巴斯开年大促 | 买Vanta送测厚仪!机不可失~
Notice of Discontinuation: Tungsten Lamp
We need to inform that production of our tungsten lamp will be discontinued in January, 2018. Please kindly ask Olympus microscope distributor in your region for the rest supply before above termination.
The Olympus DP74 Color Microscope Camera Provides Intelligent Real-Time and Fluorescence Imaging
The new Olympus DP74 color fluorescence microscope camera combines advanced image processing technology, a low-noise design and easy-to-use software to deliver smooth, true-to-life images in demanding life science and industrial applications.
2016年11月16日,东京 — 奥林巴斯CIX技术清洁度控制系统专为满足现代工业及国家、国际标准对零部件生产中颗粒物污染的评估要求而设计。这套经过优化设计的全电动系统旨在实现高生产率、精确度以及可重复性。用户向导模式可大大减少人为错误,提高生产效率,帮助制造商保持高质量标准要求。
Olympus LC30 Color Microscope Camera Delivers Value and Performance
The new Olympus LC30 is an outstanding cost-effective, entry-level color microscope camera that delivers excellent performance for brightfield applications and digital documentation in both life and materials sciences.
马萨诸塞州,沃尔瑟姆,2016年9月20日 - 奥林巴斯最先向澳大利亚联邦科学与工业研究组织 (CSIRO) 出售了3台新款Vanta便携式X射线荧光 (XRF) 分析仪。
坚固耐用、改进创新、高效多产:奥林巴斯的新型Vanta手持式X射线荧光 (XRF) 分析仪可以在最艰苦的工作条件下对材料中的元素进行精确的辨别
Olympus Receives Gold Supplier Award - Recognized for consistent on-time delivery and quality
CENTER VALLEY, PA (June 20, 2016) — Olympus, a global technology leader in industrial imaging solutions, has been named a 2015 Edmund Optics® Gold Supplier based on consistent on-time delivery and quality.
拥有行业领先的图像画质,奥林巴斯IPLEX NX系列视频内窥镜,带您探测未曾发现的工业缺陷
东京,2016年4月4日-----IPLEX NX系列工业内窥镜是一款功能丰富的工业视频内窥镜旗舰机型,具备了无与伦比的图像画质,其可操作性和人性化设计帮助检测之前未曾发现的工业缺陷,并在非常复杂的区域进行流水线检测工作。
Technical Instruments is New Olympus Microscope and Imaging Systems Dealer
WALTHAM, Mass, April 1, 2016 — Olympus has announced that, effective immediately, it will begin selling its biomedical and industrial microscopes and imaging instruments in parts of Northern California and Nevada via Technical Instruments, Burlingame, CA.
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