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2007年 10月 9日

Innov-X Announces QC Installations at Sandvik - Automated XRF Online Test System Designed for Fast Alloy QC

Innov-X announced it has installed two systems for online QC testing of stainless steel tubes at Sandvik Materials Technology in Scranton, PA. The FOX-IQ On-line XRF analyzer is a totally automated elemental analysis system, providing fast, positive material identification. Designed for high-throughput alloy sorting and quality control, the new system will make a significant impact on tube and pipe manufacture in Sandvik's production line by providing quick, reliable, non-destructive alloy analysis.

There are many different steel alloys used in Sandvik high quality product lines. All must be matched with customer requirements before, during and after manufacturing. Keeping a constant eye on the alloy content in production is a major task for both production and quality control, and now that is done faster using the FOX-IQ System. Its FastID mode provides alloy grade and chemistry in as little as 5 seconds.

Russ Jones, General Manager of Sandvik Materials Technology, commented: "The installation of the in line Innov-x system has allowed us to reduce the test cycle time by more than 50% when compared to the previous system. The result is increased production throughput. In addition, the FOX-IQ has been very stable, and our inspectors find it easy to setup and operate."

Sandvik is a global industrial group and world leading producer of seamless stainless steel tubes and many other forms. They have total control over the entire production process from steel melt to the finished product. Their tubes are typically used within industries such as: chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation, fertilizer, pulp and paper and mechanical. They are made of stainless steels of special alloys based on nickel, titanium & zirconium.

The FOX-IQ On-line XRF analyzers automate on-line analysis for 100% high-volume process control. They deliver fast, accurate grade ID, pass/fail tests and chemistry with automated links to the QC/QA reporting system.

The FOX-IQ is controlled by an industry-hardened PC for start/stop, data acquisition, decision making and communication to external devices. Engineered for 24/7 operation in industrial environments, its compact design will fit in virtually all existing operations. The FOX-IQ offers an unprecedented combination of flexibility, speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness, with worldwide service.

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十月 09, 2007
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