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What are Industrial Rigid Borescopes?

Назад к ресурсам

High-resolution image transmission in a durable stainless steel insertion tube with light guide fibers for bright illumination. Wide selection available to suit any requirements.

Structure Drawing:
Standard Rigid Borescopes/ Swing-Prism Borescopes/ Zoom Swing-Prism/ Borescopes/ Engine Borescopes
stracture drawing Borescopes

• Miniborescopes
stracture drawing Miniborescopes

Features of Olympus Industrial Rigid Borescopes:

  • Excellent images and delivered with straight stainless tube.
  • Extensive scope lineup close to 200 models available featuring various diameters, working lengths and viewing directions and angles.

Magnification Ratio of Borerscopes:
Rigid Borescopes (Larger thanφ4mm)
stracture drawing borescopes

MK Modular Mini-Scopes
stracture drawing miniborescopes

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