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Política de Privacidade

Privacy Notice

This page describes the rules in which personal information is handled in the Website of Olympus Corporation, displayed at the URL www.olympus-ims.com ("Website").

At Olympus Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "we/us/our/Olympus”), we are deeply aware of the importance of your personal information.  We handle and thoroughly protect all personal information that you provide to us according to the Olympus Personal Information Protection Policy.  For information on the Olympus Group's policy on handling personal information, please see the Olympus Personal Information Protection Policy.

1. Purpose of Obtaining Personal Information

Unless your prior consent is given or unless permitted by law, Olympus will use the personal information provided by you for the purposes listed below or for purposes that are obvious given the state in which your information was acquired:
- To respond to your inquiries or your requests
- For market research concerning Olympus' business, preparation of statistics and product development
Olympus will obtain your prior consent in the event that Olympus intends to use your personal information for purposes other than the above.

In order to achieve the purposes of use indicated to you, Olympus may forward information provided by you to Olympus' group companies, outsourcers and/or agents having confidential obligation agreement with Olympus and/or Olympus' group companies, so that such parties may directly respond to your inquiries or requests for updates, announcements regarding Olympus' products, programs, and promotions, or advertising information.

2. Disclosing, Amending, or Deleting Personal Information

You may, under the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law, request Olympus Group Companies in Japan (except for companies with their own privacy policies in place) that the personal information you provided to them be disclosed, amended or deleted.
Please go to the Personal Information Inquiry page for more details.

3. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

The Websites are adopting SSL encryption technology on the pages where personal data is input so that personal data input by customers is securely exchanged.  SSL is a protocol for encrypting valuable information such as personal data which is exchanged on the Internet.  SSL can protect against the intercepting and falsifying of data, and masquerading by third parties.

4. Cookies

[Description of cookies]
This Website employs cookies.
A cookie is a piece of data sent from the web server of a website that you visit and is stored in a memory device (e.g., the hard disk) of your computer via your web browser.  Once you accept a cookie, the server can recognize your computer and provide customized information accordingly.  Despite their ability to identify your computer, cookies cannot send or receive your personal information.

[Intended use of cookies]
This Website employs cookies for the following purposes:

- Providing customized, convenient, and enhanced service by checking your registered information when you are logged in to an online service that requires authentication.

- Optimizing advertisements on websites of other companies in accordance with your interests and browsing activities.

- Examining the user traffic on this Website, such as the number of visitors and views.

- Requesting you to re-enter your passwords (for another authentication) after a certain period of time elapsed since you used our service the last time to maintain tight security and provide enhanced service.

Olympus may use behavioral targeting services provided by online advertisement companies, in which cookies or the like are used to acquire your browsing histories for posting advertisements on websites operated by other companies.  Individuals are not identified in such a process.

[Disabling (opting out from) cookies]
You can disable Google advertising cookies by accessing the opt-out page. (Alternatively, you can disable cookies by third-party ad servers by accessing the opt-out page of Network Advertising Initiative.)

You can specify whether to enable or disable cookies in your web browser setting.
Available options include Allow all cookies, Block all cookies, and Notify the user when a cookie is received.
The configuration method depends on the browser you are using. As necessary, check the method by selecting the Help menu in your browser.
Please note that some of our services may not be available when you do not allow cookies.

5. Web Beacons

Certain pages on the Website contain "Web beacons" (also known as Internet tags, pixel tags and clear GIFs).  These Web beacons allow third parties to obtain information such as the IP address of the computer that downloaded the page on which the beacon appears, the URL of the page on which the beacon appears, the time the page containing the beacon was viewed, the type of browser used to view the page, and the information in cookies set by a third party.

6. People under 16 years of age

If you are under the age of 16, please make sure to obtain the consent of your parent or guardian before providing your personal information.

7. Management of Personal Information

Your personal information will be submitted to the dedicated servers managed by Olympus or its outsourcers (Olympus group companies, distributors, agents of Olympus and/or the third-party service providers, with whom Olympus has concluded confidentiality agreements) located in the United States, the Czech Republic, and the Federal Republic of Germany and will be used and shared with Olympus, its affiliates, their distributors, and the third-party service providers in your country of residence or any other country outside of your country of residence (including outside the European Economic Area) in a manner consistent with Olympus Personal Information Protection Policy.

*Por favor, leia a Política de Privacidade acima
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