OLYMPUS Stream 2.2 (for Windows OS - 32bit)

1. General

This software is the installer of OLYMPUS Stream V2.2 for Windows 32 bit operating systems.
There is a separate setup available for Windows 64 bit operating systems.
Please confirm here if using LEXT and DSX with OLYMPUS stream software.

2. Installation procedure
1. Before installation

This software comes with an "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT". Prior to downloading the software, please read the OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. When downloading begins, it automatically assumes that you have agreed to this AGREEMENT.
The following system requirements are necessary to run OLYMPUS Stream V2.2:

Intel® CoreTM i5, i7 (recommended)
Intel® CoreTM 2Duo (minimum)

Operating system:
Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro (32 Bit) or
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 Pro (32 Bit) or
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate/Professional (32 Bit) SP1

3 GB

3D graphics acceleration:
2048 MB RAM (recommended)
512 MB RAM (minimum)

Monitor resolution:
1280x1024 with a 32 bit graphics card

Free storage space on your hard disk:
You need to have 2.4 GB of free hard disc drive space in order to install the software.
If the PC where OLYMPUS Stream is installed is also intended to be used for storing the data created by Stream, you will need a correspondingly larger hard disk (at least 50 GB).

DVD drive support dual layer DVD (DVD+R/DL)
USB 3.0 port, USB2-ICH7 or FireWire (IEEE1394) port for your camera

USB2-ICH7-port or COM port (RS232) for motorized or coded microscopes and stages, objective and zoom encoder for stereo microscopes. For details refer to the documentation of the corresponding device.

Software for working with reports:
In addition to OLYMPUS Stream, for working with reports, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are required for displaying and editing reports. Microsoft PowerPoint is required using the OLYMPUS Stream PowerPoint Assistant. Please install Microsoft Office 2016, 2013 (SP1) or 2010 (SP2) before running the setup of OLYMPUS Stream.

For the software package OLYMPUS Stream Start, you don't need Microsoft Office because report generation is not included. However if you want to export measurement results from OLYMPUS Stream Start to Microsoft Excel, you need a Microsoft Excel installation on your PC.

Web browser:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, or 11

2. Download
(1) Click the [Download] button at the right of this page.

*Download file name: [Stream_2.2_32bit.zip] (file size: 1.84 GB)

(2) When an entry form appears, enter all required fields.

(3) Click the [Download] button to start downloading.

Please note that due to the file size, the download time can take up to 60 minutes. The download has been tested with Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers.

3. Installation procedure
(1) Uncompress zip file


(2) Right-click on the icon and select [Extract All…] from the pop-up menu.

(3) Set a Destination and click the [Extract] button.

(4) The file is uncompressed and the folder is opened. And double click on the file "setup.exe" in the folder.

(5) The installer will start. Continue the installation following the installer instructions.

*The software requires administrator rights for conducting the installation process. If your account is not known as an administrator account, then it is necessary that you request assistance from your PC administrator to install this software.

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