NDT Remote Control Library 64bit

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TomoView SDK Software Compatibility
TomoView NDT Data Access Library NDT Remote Control Library
2.10R21 1.12R7 2.8R2
Software Installer Inclusion
NDT Remote Control Library - 2.8R2
Sub Product Version Languages Release Notes
KeyTool 1.1R24


General Information

The NDT Remote Control Library is a software development kit designed for the integration of TomoView or the OmniScan iX in custom software environments. The most common applications of this library are the following:
• TomoView integration applications
• OmniScan iX integration applications
• Online data applications
• TomoView window embedding applications

Security Information

• A HASP USB key containing a valid NDT Remote Control Library license must be connected to the computer at all times to use this library.
• If you are experiencing problems with HASP key hardware protection after installing third-party tool, use last version of Keytool available on this page.


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NDT Remote Control Library 64bit


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