D21-CU / DP26-CU Ver. update ( for Windows OS -32bit )

This software updates the device driver of DP21-CU and DP26-CU from the versions before Ver. to Ver.

【Applicable product】

  • Microscope digital camera DP21-CU and DP26-CU

Major additions and changes

  • The defect described below which occurred when connecting DP21-CU or DP26-CU to PC was corrected.
  • Internet Explorer Ver.11 is now supported to correct the problem when connecting the DP21-CU or DP26-CU to the PC.


1. Before installation

"Software License Agreement" is provided with this software. Be sure to read Software License Agreeement before downloading the software. Starting downloading the software is regarded as the acceptance of this Agreement.

2. Procedures to download the file

(1) Press the [Download] button in the lower area of the page.

※ Download file name
Windows OS -32bitPC: "DP2126DRV02010606.exe" (1169KB)

3. Update procedures

(1)  Close all running applications, and double-click the downloaded file


Install the software according to the instructions in windows appeared.

* Be sure to read Software License Agreeement before downloading.


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