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Natural Gas Service Line Inspection Using Videoscopes

Natural Gas Service Line Inspection Using Videoscopes


Natural Gas service lines connect the distribution line, which runs parallel to the road, with the meter on a residential or business property. Older service lines have the potential to corrode that may result in the leaking of natural gas in residential areas. These older lines are currently being replaced with plastic pipelines that have various diameters although the ½ inch (12.7 mm) diameter is most common. The fittings on the plastic pipe are welded by heat fusion. This process can create very large weld joints in the interior of the pipe, thereby dramatically reducing the ID at the bends.


  1. The reduction in ID at the weld joints prevents industrial videoscopes with large diameter insertion tubes scopes from fitting through. This weld joint also requires an articulating scope to navigate over a large weld bead.
  2. As cracks and general signs of wear are the main targets for this inspection, image clarity is crucial.
  3. A videoscopes having a large focal range is required to both see the interior wall and down the length of a pipe for navigation.
  4. Often the entire length of a long service line with limited access points needs to be inspected.
  5. Durability of the scope’s insertion tube and tip is crucial given the tight bends and articulation that is required.


  1. Olympus has a 30 meter articulating scope in 8.5 mm (and 6 mm up to 18 m) to ensure the entire line is inspected even if the weld joints have a reduced ID.
  2. The TrueFeel feature (6 mm) and Pneumatic articulation (8.5 mm) provide great maneuverability even at 30 meters.
  3. In order to deliver a very clear and high quality image, LED’s at the tip or the powerful laser located in the base provide maximum light onto the weld area.
  4. Image clarity combined with a very wide focal range enables very efficient inspections of the interior wall as well as effortless navigation in long and curved pipes.
  5. Olympus’s insertion tube construction is uncompromised. Despite the long length, you still get full durability to assure maximum uptime.
Olympus IMS

Sistema de videoscópio industrial com tecnologia de ponta e recursos avançados, fácil de usar e resistente. Inspeções com imagens de alta qualidade para operações de recuperação; a versatilidade alcança vários benefícios além de sua experiência.

Extra-long 30 m industrial videoscope which is equipped with innovative laser illumination and scope articulation technologies. It delivers unprecedented image quality and maneuverability.
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