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Inspection of PGA packaging


Programmable gate array (PGA) packages are designed to mount Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and other high-performance integrated circuit (IC) chips that are used mainly in micro-processing units and telecommunications systems. As ICs increase in density, IC pins become smaller in size and larger in number, thereby creating a growing demand for improved quality control, as well as, a need for more detailed inspection.

Olympus solution

The Olympus DSX digital microscope is designed to allow the microscope body to tilt so that users can inspect the PGA package from the top and at an angle on both sides.  This allows users to inspect vertical pins from two diagonal angles. This feature enables users to easily detect and record broken pins and any other defective parts. In addition, the image-stitching feature within the software, facilitates capture of the overall image of a large package and preserve it as a quality data set.

Features of the product

  • High-definition, high-resolution image inspection
  • Microscope body tilting feature allows inspection from two diagonal angles
  • Software with image-stitching feature allows capture of wide-angle image
  • Guidance features that allow all users to obtain high-quality results
  • 3D-image capture technology
  • EFI feature designed to maintain focus across the entire visual field
  • Software package contains a wide range of measuring features
  • Diverse image-processing techniques


Inspection of PGA packaging-1
Inspection of PGA packaging-2
PGA package Objective Lens 3.6x , Zoom 1x Tilting  
PGA package Objective Lens 3.6x , Zoom 1x  5x5 Stitching

Olympus IMS

Imagens melhores, resultados mais precisos. Os microscópios digitais DSX1000 permitem uma análise de falhas mais rápida com precisão* e repetibilidade.

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