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Sistemas automatizados

There are many advantages to the use of the advanced technologies in
ultrasonic and eddy current testing that have been developed by Olympus
NDT. We have designed systems for the following markets:
- Aerospace
- Transportation
- Construction Welding
- Petrochemical Plants
- Power Generation
- Mills and Manufacturing
as well as component testing for the automotive industry and for
defense-related manufacturing.

The Olympus NDT Systems Group manufactures and delivers reliable, high
performance automated systems based on UT Phased Array and ECT Array
technologies. Compared to manual testing, automated inspection systems
guarantee complete coverage, and high performance in terms of
productivity, sensitivity and repeatability of flaw sizing in testing
processes that often require continuous 24 hour a day testing with
little down time allowed. The digital nature of our products allows for
easy integration into computer-based manufacturing, monitoring, and
reporting systems.

The Systems Group of Olympus NDT provides services for integration,
support and documentation to achieve customer satisfaction with reliable
high performance systems and unequaled field support.

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