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Capture Full-Focus Images or 3D Images

EFI: View Uneven Samples in Focus Across the Entire Image


With its EFI (Extended Focal Image) capability, the DSX510 can obtain a clear, in-focus image of an entire sample with one click — no matter how uneven the surface. During EFI, several images are taken while the point of focus is moved up and down. From these images, the areas where the sample was in focus are combined into one image where the whole sample is in focus, allowing precise inspection of uneven surfaces. Olympus’s EFI capturing speed is now faster than ever.

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3D Image: One Click Shows the Sample in 3D

3D images

Cutaway view

With one click, the DSX510 can capture image samples in three dimensions, allowing examination from any angle and a view of the sample as it actually is. With detailed 3D images, sample features or unevenness can be viewed and measured. Height differences and volume can also be measured, making it easier to accurately analyze the sample.

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Live Panorama Capturing Covers Large Areas Fast

There is no longer such a problem as “outside the field of view.” With Live panorama, simply move the observation position on the screen, and the motorized stage will move the sample to that position. As the stage moves, the system automatically stitches images into a large single field of view, in real time.

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Auto Panorama: One Click Captures a Large Field of View

Simply put the sample on the stage, and start the process with one click. The stage moves in a spiral and the feature captures the required area automatically.


Automatic Stitching Gives High Quality, High Value-Added Image

High Quality Panorama

Set the number of images, the length, and the starting point, then start the image stitching process. This executes pattern matching and corrects shading, resulting in a high-quality and high value-added image.

EFI and 3D Image Capturing

High quality panorama capability can be coordinated with EFI and 3D image capturing as well. The ability to capture images across a wide area, show uneven surfaces in full focus, and produce 3D images means the data exceeds that of ordinary digital microscopes.


Large Amounts of Data Automatically Captured

Programmed Recipes: Automatically Capture Independent Points

Through a convenient programmed recipe function, the DSX510 can automatically capture images of several registered points with autofocus.



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