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Power Supply
Order Number:U8780295
8 Cell Battery Holder with connector plug
Order Number:U8767330
Smart Battery Charger/Adapter with Australia power cord
Order Number:U8767288
Smart Battery Charger/Adapter with Europe power cord
Order Number:U8050397
Smart Battery Charger/Adapter with USA power cord
Order Number:U8760037
NiMH Battery for the EPLT, 25DLP, 36DLP, 37DLP & 8500 VHCs3200/EPLT/BAT
Order Number:U8760001
Epoch LTC AA Battery Pack
Order Number:U8760002
Epoch LTC Lithium Ion Battery
Order Number:U8760021
EPOCH XT and EPOCH 1000 Series Lithium Ion Battery NI2020OL24/EPXT-BAT-L
Order Number:U8760038
EPOCH XT and EPOCH 4 Series Nickel Metal Hydride Battery NJ1020OL/EPXT-BAT-N
Order Number:U8767365
Smart Battery (Single) External Battery Charger with Australian power cord
Order Number:U8767232
Smart Battery (Single) External Battery Charger with Europe power cord
Order Number:U8767043
Smart Battery (Single) External Battery Charger with United States (US) power cord

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