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2014년 1월 24일

Olympus Acquires Certain Assets from Mecnov

Olympus NDT Canada has reached an agreement to acquire certain assets of Mecnov, a business partner and supplier of nondestructive inspection systems for the past several years.

As of January 27, 2014, Olympus NDT Canada has taken ownership of certain Mecnov assets and the activities already in progress. Those presently employed at Mecnov will retain their positions and continue to perform their usual functions at the current location, for which we have signed a three-year lease. Our clients will continue to receive the same service that they received from now Olympus and its employees, without any disruption.

During the coming weeks, while operations continue at Mecnov, Olympus will progressively integrate this new division into Olympus NDT Canada.

We are confident that this acquisition will prove to be a positive one for Olympus and for our clients.

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1월 24, 2014
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