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Phased Array Tutorial - Table of Contents

Focal Law Setup for Linear Scan

To gain the full advantages of linear array scanning, typically a minimum of 32 elements are used. It is even more common to use 64 elements. More elements allow larger apertures to be stepped across the probe, providing greater sensitivity, increased capacity of focusing and wider area of inspection. The instrument must have the basic probe and wedge characteristics entered, either manually or via automatic probe recognition. Along with typical UT settings for the pulser, receiver and measurement gate setup, the user must also set transducer beam and electronic steering (focal law) characteristics.

Required User inputs:

  • Material Velocity
  • Element Quantity (the number of elements used to form the aperture of the probe)
  • First element to be used for scan
  • The last element in the electronic raster
  • Element step (defines how defined aperture moves across the probe)
  • Desired focus depth, which must be set less than near field length (N) to effectively cerate a focus
  • Angle of inspection

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